The Telecommunications and Mission Operations Progress Report 42-134

April-June 1998

Joseph H. Yuen

August 15, 1998

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California



Autonomous Formation Flyer (AFF) Sensor Technology Development
G. Purcell, D. Kuang, S. Lichten, S.-C. Wu, and L. Young
NASA Code 624-01-00-00-00

Remote Operations of the Deep Space Network Radio Science Subsystem
J. Caetta, S. Asmar, S. Abbate, M. Connally, and G. Goltz
NASA Code 314-30-21-00-06

Design of a Cryocooled Sapphire Oscillator for the Cassini Ka-Band Experiment
G. J. Dick and R. T. Wang
NASA Code 314-30-11-40-03

On the Design of Concatenated Coding Systems With Interleavers
D. Divsalar and R. J. McEliece
NASA Code 315-91-20-20-53

Power Spectrum of MSK-Type Modulations in the Presence of Data Imbalance
M. K. Simon, P. Arabshahi, L. Lam, and T.-Y. Yan
NASA Code 315-90-41-13-04

Symbol-Error Probabilities for Pulse-Position Modulation Signaling With an Avalanche Photodiode Receiver and Gaussian Thermal Noise
M. Srinivasan and V. Vilnrotter
NASA Code 314-30-12-00-03

Phase Calibration Tone Processing With the Block II VLBI Correlator
C. S. Jacobs
NASA Code 314-30-42-01-06

Spectral Analysis Tool (SAT) for Radio-Frequency Interference Analysis and Spectrum Management
V. Y. Lo, F. Chen, and J. Rucker
NASA Code 315-90-31-00-06


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